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Amy Green [soprano and gothic harp]

Miako Klein [recorder, baroque violin and viella]

Jia Lim [harpsichord, organ]

The three musicians came together in 2021 to discover, arrange and perform primarily early music works by female composers. They bring their musical diversity to the interpretation of early music and are always looking to expand the sonic spectrum.

CITÉ DES DAMES - that's Amy Green, an expert in medieval music who not only sings but also plays the Gothic harp, is equally at home in jazz and experimental music, and is a scientist on the side; Miako Klein, who both plays the recorder and the violin, is anchored in new and freely improvised music, and likes to experiment with electronics; and Jia Lim, who likes to play the Rhodes in addition to the harpsichord and organ. They named themselves after the writing of the first women's rights activist in history, Christina de Pizan.