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Duo Sava Stoianov / Miako Klein 

Sava Stoianov - trumpet

Miako Klein - recorders

Miako Klein and Sava Stoianov began working as a duo in Frankfurt in 2006 when Miako performed durign the 8th “Nachwuchsforum” of Ensemble Modern, where Sava is a member of.

The fascinating combination of such contrasting instruments as recorder and trumpet has led to an intense collaboration between both musicians and numerous internationally recognized composers. Both musicians present contrasting programmes, combining works written for the duo and solo works.

Since August 2007, when the duo premiered Chikage Imai’s composition “Osmosis Phoneme”, the first original work ever written for this combination, they hold a continuos connection to Chikage Imai, who has meanwhile composed a series of intermedial works for the duo named "Synecdochism". The duo has been invited to Japan to perform at the Aichi Triennale, as well as Klangwerktage Hamburg, the Bastad Chamber Music Festival Sweden, and to the Muziekgebouw aan't Ij


"The instrumental virtuosity of Miako Klein and Sava Stoianov is always carried by the delicate expression of their musical dialogue. Brilliance of sound, range and variety of dynamics and articulation, as well as gestural richness, are not means of narcissistic self-reflection, but repeatedly questioned by the high musical intelligence of these interpreters. The feast of material explorations of this unusual duo-combination presents an intensity of musical ideas which I again and again follow in delighted astonishment". Hanspeter Kyburz

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